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How To Keep Birds Out Of Wreaths For Good – A Complete Guide

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Do you have an outdoor wreath that’s been taken over by birds? If so, you’re not alone. Birds love to make wreaths their home and can quickly destroy the decorations and take away from the beauty of your porch or yard.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep birds out of your wreath for good. As a bird enthusiast who has had the same problems and successfully overcome it, we’ll cover everything you need to know about deterring birds from your wreaths, including understanding why they engage in this behavior in the first place and eco-friendly alternatives for keeping them away.

So read on if you want to learn how to keep birds out of wreaths for good!


Worried about pesky critters getting tangled in your festive decorations? Look no further – this guide is here to help you protect your wreaths from intruders! The most common intruder of wreaths are birds, and this guide will provide a comprehensive strategy for keeping them away.

We’ll look at the best materials to use in construction, as well as other important factors like placement and maintenance. With just a few simple steps, you can keep your wreaths bird-free all season long!

When constructing your wreath, start by using a sturdy material that won’t easily bend or tear when exposed to outdoor elements. Plastic mesh is one of the best materials for creating a secure base that birds won’t be able to penetrate.

Additionally, make sure to securely attach any decorations or embellishments so they don’t come off in the wind and attract birds with their bright colors or shapes. Finally, pay attention to where you hang your wreath – try not to place it near trees where birds may take refuge.

Following these simple steps will ensure that your festive decorations remain safe and sound all season long!

Understanding Why Birds Are Attracted to Wreaths

You may be wondering why birds are so attracted to wreaths. It’s all about nesting material, food sources, and shelter.

Wreaths provide birds with the materials they need to build nests and offer a hiding spot from predators. Additionally, the foliage of a wreath provides plenty of bugs for them to munch on.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder why birds are drawn to wreaths!

Nesting Material

If you’re looking for a way to prevent birds from making their homes in your wreath, then using the right nesting material is key! Birds are attracted to wreaths because of the materials used.

Straw, twigs, and moss can all provide birds with materials that they need to build nests and create a home. To keep them away for good, use natural materials like cedarwood shavings or artificial grass instead of straw or moss.

You can also replace twigs with thicker branches or reposition them so that it’s harder for birds to land on and nest inside your wreath. If you want an even more secure option, try adding metal wire mesh around the edges of your wreath.

This will make it almost impossible for birds to enter and build a nest inside your wreath!

Food Sources

To ensure birds stay away for good, it’s important to limit food sources near your wreath. Any bird food that’s nearby should be moved far away from the wreath to discourage birds from lingering.

Additionally, try to avoid leaving any fruits or plants in the vicinity of the wreath that may attract birds. This includes avoiding having any bird feeders near the wreath as well as planting native shrubs and trees around it that produce fruit or berries.

If you do have any plant life near the wreath, regularly inspect them for signs of damage caused by hungry birds and remove fallen fruits or seeds immediately.


Providing birds with shelter near your wreath can be a sure-fire way to ensure they stick around, ruining your festive decor. To prevent birds from nestling in the area, make sure there are no trees or bushes nearby where they could land and build nests.

If you already have trees planted close by, consider trimming back the branches so that the foliage is at least 8 feet away from the wreath. This will give them less of an opportunity to find stable ground for their nest.

Another solution would be to cover the area with netting or another type of protective material that doesn’t allow birds access into the space surrounding your wreath. Make sure it’s securely fastened so that nothing can get through!

Effective Ways to Deter Birds from Wreaths

Are you looking for effective ways to deter birds from your wreaths? There are several techniques you can try out.

Installing bird spikes or netting and using bird-resistant materials are effective ways to keep birds away. You can also apply bird repellent sprays or gels to your wreaths.

Displaying decoys or other scary objects can also deter birds. Hanging bird feeders or birdhouses nearby as a distraction is another technique you can use.

By utilizing these methods, you can maintain the beauty of your wreaths while keeping pesky birds away!

Use of bird-resistant materials

If you’re looking for a way to block those pesky critters, consider using bird-resistant materials! From netting to hardware cloth, there are several options available when it comes to keeping birds away from your wreath.

Netting is a popular choice as it can be draped over your wreath or hung close by to ward off feathered intruders. It’s lightweight and easily maneuvered, but it may require some maintenance or replacing if the birds come back regularly.

Hardware cloth is a sturdier material that can be used in place of chicken wire or other mesh fencing. It is metal and can be cut into shapes and sizes that will suit your needs perfectly, though it does take some effort to install properly. Once installed however, this type of material should last through multiple seasons with no need for repairs or replacements unless it becomes damaged due to weather conditions or other factors.

Installation of bird spikes or netting

Installing bird spikes or netting can be an effective way to ward off unwanted avian visitors, ensuring your winter wreath stays unmarred.

Bird spikes are plastic or metal strips with sharp prongs that deter birds from landing on the surface where it’s installed. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the type of bird you want to keep away.

Netting is another method for keeping birds away, which involves using a mesh-like material that covers the area, preventing access by any birds.

It’s important to make sure that both methods are installed properly and securely so as not to endanger any birds. If done correctly, they should provide long-term protection against feathered intruders.

Additionally, these deterrents can be painted to match the surrounding environment and blend in more easily.

Use of bird repellent sprays or gels

Repellent sprays and gels can be an effective way to ward birds off, ensuring your winter wreath stays safe. These products contain ingredients that mask the scent of food residue and other attractants, typically scents birds find pleasing. For maximum effectiveness, you should spray or apply the product around the perimeter of your wreath as well as directly on it. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging for any safety precautions prior to use.

When using a repellent spray or gel, it’s important to note that they’re not foolproof solutions; some birds may still take a liking to your decorations regardless of the repellent used. This is why it’s always best practice to use multiple methods in conjunction with each other for full protection, such as bird spikes or netting in addition to a repellent spray or gel.

Display of decoys or other scary objects

Decoy displays and other visually intimidating objects can be an effective way to deter birds from approaching your winter wreath.

Displaying a large, realistic-looking owl decoy in the area of your wreath can be enough to frighten away smaller birds like sparrows or finches. You can also hang streamers, ribbons, shiny tinsel, and even wind chimes near the wreath to further frighten away potential bird intruders.

All of these items move in the wind and make noise that is unpleasant for small birds. Other types of decoys can also provide a scare factor such as plastic snakes or images of predators like hawks or cats.

Try to mix up what you use so that it doesn’t become habituated over time. If birds get used to seeing any one item, they may not be scared off anymore.

Hang bird feeders or birdhouses nearby as a distraction

To further distract birds from your wreath, hang some bird feeders and birdhouses in the area. It’ll give them something else to focus on! Bird feeders and birdhouses can be hung near the wreath or in other nearby areas.

Consider adding these items close to the wreath so that birds will have an alternative source of food and shelter. Make sure you use materials that are attractive to birds, such as sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruit, suet cakes, or a variety of bird seed mixes. You can also provide nesting material for them by hanging small logs with holes drilled into them or bunches of twigs around the house.

This will give birds a place to build their nests and another reason for them to stay away from your wreath.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Deter Birds

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to deter birds from wreaths, there are some great options.

Planting bird-friendly gardens nearby is a great way to give the birds an alternative food source, so they won’t be as tempted to feast on your wreath’s decorations.

You can also try using natural fragrances like citrus or peppermint oil to repel them.

Finally, hanging shiny or reflective objects around your wreath can help scare them away, especially if they move in the wind.

Plant bird-friendly gardens nearby

Planting a bird-friendly garden nearby can help keep your wreath safe from feathered visitors without causing any harm. Bird-friendly gardens are those that provide birds with an inviting environment to land, rest, and find food. By providing them with the resources they need, you can encourage them to stay away from your wreath and choose the garden instead.

When creating a bird-friendly garden, make sure you include plenty of native plants that will attract birds in your area. Native plants are especially important because they’ll be more adapted to local conditions and easier for birds to recognize as food sources. Additionally, add in some water features such as ponds or fountains since most birds enjoy having a source of water nearby.

Finally, don’t forget to provide shelter for birds by adding shrubs or trees so they can feel safe while visiting the garden area. With these elements in place, you’ll soon have feathered friends visiting your garden instead of your wreath!

Use natural fragrances to repel birds

Try using natural fragrances to repel birds away from your wreath and keep them out of your hair! Certain smells like garlic, peppermint oil, and chili powder can help deter birds from coming near. These fragrances act as an irritant to their sensitive noses, encouraging them to stay away.

You can purchase these items at any garden center or home goods store. To apply the fragrance, mix it with water in a spray bottle and spritz around the area you want to protect. Make sure to reapply every few days or after rain showers for best results.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable spraying anything on your wreath, try hanging up strips of scented fabric softener sheets around it instead. The strong smell will be enough to discourage even the most determined bird from getting too close!

Hang shiny or reflective objects to scare birds away

Startle even the bravest birds away with a dazzling display of shiny and reflective objects! Hang items such as old CDs, strings of foil, or even brightly colored ribbons around your wreath to give them a fright.

Birds are naturally scared of anything that may resemble a predator. Using reflective materials can make it appear to them as if there is an owl or hawk nearby. This feeling of unease should be enough to keep them from getting too close!

You can also hang wind chimes near the wreath, as they’ll create noise when moved by the wind, which could startle birds away. You don’t have to spend any money either – simply collect up some old silverware and hang it in front of your wreath. The clinking sound will be enough to scare off most birds.

With this method, you can protect your wreath from avian intruders for good!

What To Do When a Bird has Already Built a Nest in Your Wreath

If a bird has already built a nest in your wreath, don’t panic!

It’s important to wait until the birds have left before removing the nest.

Use caution and avoid disturbing the nest or harming the birds.

Consider relocating the wreath to a less desirable location for birds so that you can keep enjoying it without worrying about another nest being built.

Wait until the birds have left before removing the nest

After the birds have vacated, quickly removing the nest will prevent them from returning in the future. It is best to wait until you no longer see or hear any birds before beginning to remove the nest.

Be sure to use gloves and long sleeves while doing so, as some bird nests may contain mites or other pests that can be harmful if they come into contact with your skin.

The nests should be disposed of away from your home in order to ensure that the birds don’t return. Disposing of them in a nearby forest or field is an effective way of ensuring this precautionary measure.

Additionally, cleaning up any remaining nesting material around your wreath will help discourage any possible new visitors from setting up shop for their next nesting season.

Use caution and avoid disturbing the nest or harming the birds

Be mindful of the birds and their nest, as it can be a traumatic experience for them to have their home disturbed. When removing the wreath to keep birds out, use caution.

Don’t attempt to disturb the nest or harm the birds in any way. If you’re able to safely remove the wreath without touching or disturbing the nest, then do so with care. However, if you can’t do so without disrupting the nest, wait until it’s empty before removing it from your home.

If you must disturb an active nest, be sure to use protective gloves and long-sleeved clothing when handling the materials. Never touch a bird directly with your hands as this can cause significant distress and harm them. Instead, take steps to ensure that they’re safely removed from your property while keeping their welfare in mind at all times.

Consider relocating the wreath to a less desirable location for birds

Consider relocating the wreath to a spot that’s less desirable for the birds in order to prevent any further disturbance of their nest. It’s important to keep the wreath away from trees and shrubs where birds may be nesting or looking for shelter.

Additionally, moving the wreath away from areas where food is available can also help reduce disturbances. Consider hanging your wreath in an area that is well lit and open, such as on a balcony or near a window, which will help you keep an eye out for any potential bird activity.

With this strategy, you can discourage birds from coming back and ensure that your decorations remain undisturbed.

Conclusion – How to Keep Birds Out Of Wreaths

You’ve reached the end of your journey on how to make sure those pesky critters stay away from your wreaths – for good! By following the various tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can rest assured that birds won’t be a problem when it comes to keeping wreaths safe.

From discouraging birds with noise-making devices to relocating the wreath to a less desirable location, there are many simple solutions that can help keep birds out and keep your wreath looking beautiful.

The best part is, all of these methods are easy to implement and require minimal effort on your part. So don’t let bird invasions ruin your holiday decorations – follow this guide and take back control over where you hang those festive wreaths!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a bird has built a nest in my wreath?

If you’re worried that a bird has built a nest in your wreath, check for signs of nesting activity. Look for feathers or other materials that the bird may have used to construct its nest.

If you find any evidence of nesting activity, it’s likely that a bird is already living in your wreath. Be sure to remove the nest carefully and keep an eye out for any eggs or young birds, if present.

Is there a way to make my wreath less attractive to birds?

Yes, there are several ways to make your wreath less attractive to birds. Firstly, avoid using bright colors or materials that appear shiny and inviting.

Secondly, try creating a physical barrier around the wreath by tying it securely to the wall or door with fishing line or twine.

Finally, use bird repellent sprays in areas near the wreath or even spray directly on the wreath itself. By taking these steps, you’ll be able to keep birds away from your wreath for good!

Are there any plants I can use to deter birds from my wreath?

You may be wondering if there are any plants that you can use to deter birds from your wreath. Fortunately, the answer is yes!

Plants like lavender, peppermint, and citronella have a strong scent which can keep birds away. You can either plant these herbs around your wreath or place sprigs of them directly on the wreath itself.

Additionally, you could also hang wind chimes near your wreath as they can create a sound that will repel birds.

What can I do to prevent birds from building nests in my wreath?

To prevent birds from building nests in your wreath, you should make sure that the area surrounding your wreath is kept clean and free of potential nesting materials. Trim any nearby trees or bushes to reduce the amount of potential nesting material they might provide.

Additionally, hang a fake bird of prey near the wreath to frighten away birds from coming close. You can also use devices such as motion-activated sprinklers to scare away birds and keep them from settling down in your wreath.

Is there a way to safely remove a bird nest from my wreath?

Removing a bird nest from your wreath can be a tricky process. It’s important to take safety precautions and follow the proper steps to ensure that you don’t cause any harm to the birds or their eggs.

Start by putting on protective clothing like gloves, long sleeves, and eyewear. Then, carefully remove the nest from its location on the wreath, being sure not to disrupt it too much as you do so.

Once it’s been removed, move it away from your home and find a new place for it in an open area where there are no nearby trees or buildings that may endanger the birds.


You’ve now learned how to keep birds out of wreaths for good! By understanding why birds are attracted to wreaths, you can use effective deterrents like reflectors and motion-activated water sprays.

If you prefer eco-friendly methods, there are natural options such as plastic snakes or owl decoys. And if a bird has already built a nest in your wreath, it’s best to leave it alone until after the fledglings have left the nest.

With these tips, you can enjoy your beautiful holiday decorations without fear of birds taking up residence! Don’t forget to take appropriate safety measures when dealing with any type of wildlife.

Happy holidays!

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